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An innovative and interoperable network that serves the needs of mission-critical entities to securely communicate via high-capacity bandwidth previously unavailable in rural areas of the western U.S.

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RFP   Expected  Release Date  RFP Response Due Date 
2013-02 Rectifiers & Batteries      Released 11/25/13                                  CLOSED                
 2013-01  Network Deployment Services         Re- Released          01/09/2014        CLOSED  
 2013-03 Generators           Released                             11/19/13                      CLOSED 
2013-05 Network Infrastructure                       Switches/Routers)          RELEASED                   12/06/13                                               CLOSED 
  Tower Site Shelters  Released 02/17/2014                     CLOSED 
 2014-01 Non-Penetrating Rooftop Mounts & Monopoles Towers    Released 03/24/14                    CLOSED 
2014-02 Access Control and Security Surveillance Systems   Released 6/23/14   CLOSED

2014-12 Microwave Network Deployment Services

   Released 10/23/14

 DUE  11/7/14
2014-04 Weather Stations  Released  03/21/2014                      CLOSED 
 2014-06 Crane Services  Released 03/31/14                   CLOSED 
 2014-07 Propane Tank Installation and Servcies  Released 05/12/2014                  CLOSED 
2014-05 NOC Construction      Released  06/02/2014             CLOSED
 RFP 2014-09 -  Tower Foundations and Stacking    Released 06/11/14            CLOSED
 RFP2014-10 Tower Components& hardware   Released 07/16/14



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DISCLAIMER: GovNET commits to Nondiscrimination and Interconnection Obligations with regard to its network, and adheres to the principles contained in the FCC's Internet Policy Statement.